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Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association

Oct 2022-Jan 2023

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Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa

March-April 2022

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This was a Flexbox practice project for my course assignment. I researched 3 different bakery websites and designed this website for my fabricated client Bob. It includes Home, Menu, and Contact page. On the menu page, Flexbox helped a lot when I was trying to organize all those products’ images. For details, please check the design rationale page. All the contents included are for academic purposes only.

I used Bootstrap to build this page based on the HTML code provided by the instructor. It was a good tool for setting up grids and achieving responsive design. There were several JavaScript functions used for changing images when hovering, changing text messages after a certain time, checking contact form validation, getting the current date, and showing full-size images when hovering thumbnail images. This website has a very simple but clean look, which I like the most.

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case study

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